Site Last Updated:  January 22, 2018

Whats New? - Beanie Boo List:  Beanie Boos Sizes Updated (Quinn, Posey, Athena, Beaks, Rusty, Franky, Zuri, Wasabi). Beanie Boo Photos: New page added - Unreleased Beanie Boos, Spirits & Freedoms Stock Photo Added. Beanie Boo Birthdays: Names Corrected (Echo, Nona, Dixie, Purrcilla, Wynnie) Birthdays Added (Scout, Fluffy, Lola, Tilley). Beanie Boo News: All new 2018 Beanie Boos added. Beanie Boo Checklists: New pages added, New Checklists coming soon. Exclusive Beanie Boos: Freedom added. Themed Beanie Boos: all new 2018 Christmas and Halloween boos added.


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